FAQ | Midnight Pulp


Midnight Pulp is the premier distributor of popular horror, cult, splatter, and exploitation films. Midnight Pulp titles are available on multiple platforms. Midnight Pulp is a division of Digital Media Rights.
Digital Media Rights is one of the largest aggregators and multi-platform distributors of feature films, television programs, music programs, and sporting events. Digital Media Rights oversees a catalog of over 7,500 titles from the leading studios and producers around the world. Our titles are distributed across broadband, mobile, cable/satellite/telco VOD, Smart TV, OTT set top boxes, DVD and Free and Pay TV, in a combination of transactional, subscription, and ad supported platforms. Digital Media Rights is a leading content partner to major digital storefronts including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, and Verizon Redbox, and works with the majority of cable/satellite/telco systems in North America.

Digital Media Rights is also the publisher and creator of popular digital channels across multiple platforms such as Hulu, Roku, YouTube, Smart TV’s and OTT set top boxes. Digital channels include Alpha (“Movies and TV Shows That You Want To Watch But Cable Doesn’t Carry”), Asian Crush (Asian Films and TV programs), Midnight Pulp (American Horror and Cult Films), Latin Crush (Spanish Language Films), Indie Crush (American and Foreign Independent Films), Xtreme Crush (Extreme Sports Programs), Motorsports Crush (Motorsports Programs), Audio Crush (Music Concerts and Documentaries), {un}scripted (Reality and Documentary Programs), Japanese Crush (Japanese Films and TV Programs), Korean Crush (Korean Films and TV Programs), and Chinese Crush (Chinese Films and TV Programs).